Privacy Policy & Collection of Personal Information

Abbott Medical Clinic has a rigorous privacy policy with security codes, passwords and firewalls in place to provide computer security for our patient records. Any information imported or exported from our systems is encrypted to accreditation standards. All staff are aware of the sensitive nature of medical records and only clinical staff have access to this sensitive medical data. We realise these enforcements are needed to give our patients the confidence to share all of their health information. This disclosure is essential to provide best possible care.

Information is collected by the practice for the provision of recall and reminder systems, facilitating comprehensive care for patients with chronic illness. Some information is recorded to fulfil mandatory government regulations (e.g. vaccinations and communicable illnesses), to help with public health issues.

De-identified information is also collected for quality assurance, research and professional development to ensure we at Abbott Medical Clinic are reaching the benchmarks that are set to define best possible practice. If a third party, such as solicitors or insurance companies, requests information, this practice will ask for your signed authority to pass on this information. Your consent is paramount.

If a patient requests access to their own record, this should be requested through the practice manager or the individual doctor, so this can be arranged. We should retain health records for a minimum of seven years and all children’s records are retained until the age of twenty five years.

If you have concerns regarding privacy related matters you should request to discuss these with the practice manager. If satisfaction is not gained after consultation with our practice, the patient may contact the Health Complaints Commission, GPO Box 3089 Brisbane Qld. 4001 or phone 1800 077 308.

Prior to a patient signing consent to the release of their health information patients are made aware they can request a full copy of our privacy policy and collection statement.

Patient consent for the transfer of health information to other providers or agencies is obtained on the first visit.