Thank you for participating in the questionnaire we recently conducted in order to collect feedback from our patients. We have now completed our analysis of the feedback and would like to share some of the significant findings with you. Overall, we found that:

  • most of our patients are happy with the level of healthcare they receive at our practice
  • most of our patients are happy with the service they receive from our administration staff
  • there are a few ways we can improve the level of healthcare we provide

We are very pleased to report that most patients rated the following aspects of our practice as ‘very good’ or ‘excellent’

  • Seeing clinician of my choice (82%)
  • Clinician was Professional and Polite (96%)
  • Reception staff were professional (92%)

The feedback also indicated areas that we can improve, including

  • Waiting times once arriving at clinic (54%)
  • Coordinating care with other health professionals (67%)

As a result of the feedback collected from our patients, we are planning to make some changes to improve the services and care we provide. We will give you more information about these changes when we have finished our planning so you can see how your feedback is helping us improve.

Here is a list of some of the specific feedback we received from 40 people

  • 19 people reported it was “all good”, or “nothing I would change”. “Continue good work, doctors, staff are very friendly and professional.”

Here are some things we are looking at

  • Text messages for appointment reminders
  • More chairs with arms
  • Fatter cushions my skinny bottom feels suffers./Chairs with cushioning pads very uncomfortable suggest better without.
  • The magazines

Some things we won’t be able to change or implement. (Our response in italics)

  • A roof over the carpark/A small section for undercover parking/drop off for wheelchairs, when it’s raining (it takes minimum 5 mins to get out/setup) other than that, an excellent practice in all aspects. /I know it would be difficult, but sheltered parking would be good (We don’t own the building and the landlord won’t pay for it)
  • Am disappointed that my doctor has left the practice just when I established trust and faith in her./Unfortunately the Dr I was seeing has now left, but that is nothing we can change. (Our doctors have needed to leave because of family commitments or wanting to do extra training. One is back soon after doing extra training at Yarrabah)
  • Doctors running on time (A difficult one. We want to do a good job and sometimes extra time is required)
  • Having a coffee machine in waiting area (We did consider this, but it would be a potential burns risk)

Thank you again for your valuable contribution. Please call us on 4033 7666 if you have any questions.